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Our Mission

We provide our clients the benefits of ownership without the daily responsibility that often entails. Owners may not have the time to adequately manage their property, and tenants need someone who responds to them promptly. At Blairfield Property Management, our goal is to keep all parties satisfied. You will enjoy the benefits of owning rentals for years to come, and your tenants will have more reasons to stay, renew their lease, thereby easing your expense and stress. You'll also enjoy the peace of mind and convenience that comes from knowing that your rental is efficiently and properly maintained. 


About Us  

For client and tenant convenience, we provide online access to financial reports. (Paper statements are also available.) Likewise, we offer tenants the ability to submit work orders online, and there are no extra fees for meeting vendors for repairs. Our collections policy is strict but allows tenants to make arrangements to get outstanding rent paid. It's always best to work with a tenant rather than make their payment troubles deeper with steep late charges. If the tenant falls behind by more than two months, a 30-day collection notice is issued, and we file for collections. All legal proceedings that follow are conducted by Blairfield Property Management on your behalf. Blairfield Property Management is licensed and insured, and we have undergone a criminal and background check. 


Our Promise

1.  A commitment to quality. We'll treat your property as though it were our own. This is not just a job; we really do care.

2.  Focus on your investment return. We will market your rental, weighing the research and your numbers to set an appropriate rent; carefully select tenants; repair and maintain your rental in a timely fashion; and handle all the bookkeeping needs.

3.  Personalized service. We'll take the time to get to know you and your property.

4.  Full-service property management. Your rents will be collected and paid promptly and your property will be regularly inspected and maintained. We'll pay the bills, collect the rent, cover the hose bibs in a freeze and get the tenants back in their house when they've locked themselves out. We report to you everything we've done every month, so you won't miss out on a thing.


Our Services to You

• Evaluate market conditions in relation to your property rental value every time your property is available for rent.

• Handle all make ready details 

• List your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

• Advertise your property on at least 5 web sites

• Strictly screen prospective tenants with a credit check, criminal background check that includes employment and eviction history prior to acceptance.

• Execute the lease agreement and all other required documents.

• Provide a move-in walk-through inspection report.

• Manage tenant checkout.

• Collect rental income and assess late fees.

• Enforce rules and regulations.

• Handle evictions and collections.

• Provide 24-hour emergency response.

• Manage all recurring and preventative maintenance.

• Handle property inspections.

• Provide monthly income and expense reports.

• Send your monthly draw electronically or my mail

• Issue 1099 and yearly reports. 



Costs for the Owner

Single-family units and condos =  varies:

  •      $0 - $1,500 = 8%
  •      $1,500 - $2,250 = 7%
  •      $2,250 - $3,000 = 6%
  •      $3,000 - $4,000 = 5%
  •      $4,000 and up = 4%
  •      1% less for more than one property

Leasing Fee- 70% of one month's rent

Costs for the Tenant:

NSF checks = $35.00

Application fee = $40.00

Late fee = $50.00

Let's Get Started  

Contact Us: 512-751-4407

If you currently have a property manager that you would like to terminate, here are the steps to take:

1. Check your current property management contract. A 30-day notice requirement is typical, but the property manager may accept less notice if you ask.

2. We will provide a welcome letter to the tenants introducing Blairfield Property Management, our services and policies.

3. Let us inspect your properties. At that time, we can discuss ways to increase your marketability.

4. Submit required documents.

  • Management Agreement
  • Proof of ownership (deed/HUD-1)
  • Information on any recent major or significant work done
  • Names of vendors for home services (gardening, pool, sprinkler, garage door etc.) If you prefer to use your own. 
  • First page of insurance policy


If you DO NOT have a Property Manager, but DO have tenants in your property:

Tell use about your tenants:

  • Tenant names, phone numbers
  • Copies of leases
  • Amount of security deposit
  • Date and amount of last rent raise
  • Balance owed and last rent payment
  • Copies of keys

 If you have an UNOCCUPIED rental:

1. Let's walk the property together, decide on a price and when it will be ready for move in.

2. We'll decide on what needs to be done for make ready, and what needs to get done immediately for pictures.

3. We'll move quickly to get the property to get the property picture perfect.

4. Our staff will thoroughly photograph the house inside and out.

5. Marketing will begin immediately.

6. Rental inquiries will be passed on to you with credit check and criminal background check

7. We'll get a lease executed, collect  deposits an facilitate move in.


That covers it! 

We will begin sending you monthly reports, and you will be able to enjoy your investment free from worry and hassle.



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